Welcome to APaaS Packaging Services

We offer Enterprise Quality Packaging Services in a single: per application, low cost, easily managed solution.

Why Choose APaaS?

  • APaaS is unique with a drop in, drop out service.
  • Pay as you go, no stranded costs if timescales extend.
  • We can help you if you require additional capacity to supplement your existing application packaging team.
  • We can help you if you require a single application packaged or if you require a portfolio of a 1000 applications packaged.
  • We can help you migrate your applications between operating systems
  • We can help you transform your applications using virtualization or windows installer technologies.

Benefits of the APaaS Service

APaaS understands the difficulties in application migration delivery, in every project the goals are to increase margin and deliver on time. We all know how the “unknown” beast of application packaging can affect both of those deliverable’s. APaaS want to help you to deliver, remote packaging services are the way you can keep your costs to a minimum while having the security blanket of knowing you have a company on demand when YOU need them. Book a meeting via our Contact Us page to discuss more.

  • Cost savings on Infrastructure
  • Licensing, installation, maintenance & support of hardware software and peripherals greatly reduce project start-up costs.
  • Fixed pricing options gives clients better control over packaging costs. Your packaging budget will not balloon as has often happened with the traditional outdated ‘bums-on-seats’ approach.
  • You don’t pay for any downtime, we are your peak and troughs, APaaS flexibility “Pay as you Go” services
  • Our packaging capacity is effectively a 24-hour operation with global coverage. This gives us the advantage of being able to meet tighter deadlines resulting in lower management, administration and supervisory costs
  • Assembling a strong team of highly skilled, experienced professionals in the one place at the same time is extremely difficult and can be expensive. Keeping them together is even harder.
  • Our clients are also pleased to receive our on-going flexibility and superb post-development support. This includes periodic upgrades, patches, all provided on a fixed-cost basis making this necessity more cost effective.


What is Application Packaging?

In the busy enterprise environment having applications that work and are fit for purpose are imperative when ensuring customer satisfaction. Applications are at the core of every enterprise, The Application packaging process ensures application compatability and function, saving you and your business time and money.



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